Failures to Achieve a Flat Stomach

Be careful, achieve a flat stomach fail due to excessive salt intake! Sodium in salt (NaCl) is actually beneficial for maintaining blood pressure, maintain nerve cell transmission, muscle contraction, and helps balance water, acid and alkaline in the body. Free Nutrition states that a person's daily salt intake should be no more than six grams or one tea spoon. This is equivalent to 2300 mg of sodium. However, a good look-my words: most people in the world consume salt in excess doses! Are the side effects of excessive salt intake? Increased blood pressure. Excessive salt intake increases the amount of sodium in the blood. If this happens, your kidneys will work hard to remove excess water from the body. Pressure on blood vessels and excess water in the body increases blood pressure. High blood pressure will trigger the risk of heart disease, kidney failure or brain disorders if not controlled. Rarely urination. Scarcity of water in the body causes us rarely urinate. Scarcity of water in the body is causing burning during urination. As a result, you may feel a burning sensation after urination. This is because the kidneys help thin salt slows urine production and water conservation. Often feel thirsty.

When too much salt, the body needs water to dilute the salt content in the blood. Generally, the body's cells release stored water to dilute the salt from the blood. The cells need water to work and this is what causes you to feel hungry after eating easier salt. If you encounter such signs above, you should reduce your intake of salt and immediately do a blood test to confirm. Drink lots of water everyday and less salty foods. Switch to consume fresh vegetables and fruits is better. In addition to the dangers on the consumption of too much salt will affect the shape of your body! Can withstand salt water on the body, and this will cause bloating. Lack of water in the body due to excessive salt causes your stomach swell! Weight of water in the body will increase due to excessive salt intake. Heavy water will then be bloated stomach, making your waist look bigger. Consuming plenty of water will help remove excess salt or sodium from the body. How to cope? Avoid foods that contain salt. Of chips, crackers, instant noodles, sweet potato fries (especially the added spice flavor enhancer sow), or processed meat in a can.