How to Have a Long Healthy Life

Do you want to have a long healthy life? A study was conducted on a set of tribes in the Himalayas region. That area is a valley called Valley of Hunza with the tribal people of Hunza. Hunza tribe on average have a lifespan of up to 120 years. In this communities the youngest death record was at the age of 90 years. Finally, a study conducted on the tribe and miraculously, until the end of their lives the experts did not find any of those people who suffer from cancer, inflammation, heart disease, high blood pressure or as simple ailments such as ulcers. On 1949, there is a major force caused people of Hunza to migrate and flee to Pakistan. Since then there is a change. Hunza people died at the same age with the most human. Many were sick and died like an average humans. Apparently at the Hunza Valley, Hunza tribe has practice a healthy diet plans and that diet has made them live longer. What kind of diet is that? People of Hunza only eat vegetables, nuts, legumes, and fruits. After they moved to Pakistan, they begin to eat like a normal people: meat, milk, fat and so it goes. Want to have a long healthy life? Keep your diet.